Have you ever had an emotional freak? Well, most of us have. Maybe it resulted from a fight with a partner, an argument with a close family member, or just a massive financial breakdown. There are multiple sources of pressure in life that could lead to negative emotional situations. You might feel stuck and paralyzed in your current predicament, unable to take control. After a lot of research and analyzing other resources and texts, I have gathered some 5 key methods that can help you move from a negative state to positive one.

I. Exercise a Lot

There’s no fuss about this one! Engaging in physical exercise is one surefire way to build resilience, and expel the emotional stress that’s putting you down. Be willing to get out of your nutshell and engage in some strenuous exercise. Don’t do it one day then quite the next. The point is to establish a routine. This helps relieve negative emotions that are stuck deep within your cells. There’s massive scientific literature to prove this point.

II. Eat Well

Another simple solution, but one that can all the way turn your situation upside down, and help you overcome an emotional crisis. Eating well means that you eat healthy light foods and take vegetable juices that help your body stay in show shape. It’s important that you keep hydrated while in a stressful state. Keep away from junk foods, since these will only increase your stress levels. As goes the old adage, a healthy body creates a healthy mind!

III. Meditate


For centuries, meditation has been used as a great way to advance beyond the self-inducing thoughts and upsets of the mind, towards more clarity of mind. Effective meditation trains your mind to stay focused on the calm in your life, rather than focus on all the destabilizing negative emotions. It helps enhance your spirituality and build resistance against stress. You can reap great benefits for yourself if you cultivate a daily meditation routine.

IV. Focus

Focus on what really matters! Negative distractions lead to negative emotional situations. Rather than spending the whole day thinking about situations that you really have no control over, focus on the outcomes you wish to achieve in your life. This keeps your mind directed, thus reduces ‘room’ for negative emotions. Focusing is a great way to channel your energy into something positive. Visualize about what you want to achieve, and take action steps towards reaching those goals. You could also list all the positive moments in life when great things happened to you…

V. Engage in Activities

By surrounding yourself with people, or helping others tackle their problems, you can put your own negative situation into perspective. Consider participating in uplifting activities that distract your mind from your current situation. Filter down to only those activities that help counteract as much negativity as possible. For instance, you could try bushwalking, yoga, crafts, or a running club – anything that works for you!

Let your current pain motivate you to do something positive, rather than just sit idle and dwell on destabilizing thoughts. Reading is also another great way to elevate the situation. Find some inspirational books on subjects related to overcoming adversities!