A marriage crisis can be emotionally draining. Marriage crisis usually occurs when a great amount of unresolved conflict or stress causes drives levels of anxiety up the roof so that the involved couples can no longer manage the situation. Resulting from a marriage crisis are feelings of resentment, anger, frustration, dissatisfaction and hopelessness. The situation usually manifests in negative emotions and interactions. In some cases, though, the involved couple tends to disengage from each other, in which case the relationship all the same shuts down. This is the boiling point of a marriage. It’s at this place when that couple needs to acknowledge the crisis and take remedial measures if they’re serious about saving their marriage.

Resolving the Crisis

Below is a couple of guidelines that people can take when faced with a marriage crisis.

  • Face the Crisis – don’t be so afraid to accept what’s going on. The first step towards solving a marriage crisis involves acknowledging it. If you ignore the problem at this level, it’ll likely turn out for the worst. Resolve to face it by learning how the crisis started, and what it means for both of you. Think critically about the events that culminated in this situation, and make a wise decision regarding who needs to take what responsibility. It helps a lot if you’ll just be willing to become a student of your particular problem. Figure out as much as you can about it.
  • Seek God – there’s a myth going around that Christians are exempt from marriage crisis and other emotionally destabilizing situations. In reality, this is not the case. Nobody is immune to marriage troubles. Taking your struggles to God is a great way to start doing something positive about the situation. As a couple, be willing to face God in humility. Seek forgiveness for the wrongs you have committed, and ask him to provide the solutions you really need to have your marriage going again.
  • Seek Wisdom – nobody how bad the situation seems, there are always people who could help you get over it. Be willing to seek the wisdom of others. There are experts out there who have amassed a wealth of knowledge and practical insight into the problems that are giving you sleepless nights. These are really people who can help. Take advantage of this avenue towards resolving your marriage crisis.
  • Address Both Internal and External Issues – an important step towards addressing a crisis in marriage involves addressing the problem as a whole. Think about the issue in great detail, and figure out what really caused it. Maybe it’s an affair, addiction, abandonment or abuse. You need to isolate the dimension of the each root cause. Once this is done, you’ll be in a better situation to tackle the problem squarely!
  • Take Ownership – each spouse must take responsibility for whatever actions they did that resulted in the current situation. It definitely won’t work if one partner insights on playing the blame game. Everyone has a role to play in order to get relief from the current situation. Be willing to forgive and change. It goes both ways.

There’s a lot to handling a marriage crisis than this article has covered, but the tips provided above are a good place to start.