Many people experience hard time facing a life crisis in their mid to late 20s. Let’s say you made progress in your early 20s without making much effort but you are feeling the pressure now that you are heading 30 or perhaps you have graduated from college but you start to panic about your career options. Don’t worry because you can overpower a life crisis by understanding the cause of your crisis, and by discovering your life goals.

1.      Admit you are unhappy about some choices

Accepting that you are feeling trapped may be the first step towards overcoming crisis! For instance, you are having an unhappy relation that you have tried to make it work. Recognize what is making you feel cornered so you can address it.

2.      Take a timeout

You may feel the need to take some time away from everything and decide you need to get out of your condition/situation such as changing to a different school. Before making any decisions that you will regret later, use this time to rethink your plans and life goals.

3.      Accept the possibility of change

The next step is to believe the possibility that you can change the course of your life. Once you get used to the idea of change, you can make the choice to direct your life. You will be willing to take some risks to see positive changes.

4.      Making new goals and commitments

Now you can start to rethink of making new goals and commitments. You should pay attention to personal development during this time to help you conquer the crisis.

5.      Tools you can use to overcome crisis


Many adults stuck or lost directions in life. You may find that fear has been dragging you back. Change for the actually involves taking some risk. Be prepared to face your fears and try something new.


When you feel cornered and despaired, always remember there is Creator of the universe who wants to hear from you! Here are some of the things to pray for:

  • God’s help in becoming the best person you can be.
  • To understand what God wants for you.
  • To receive inner peace that surpasses understanding.
  • To apply the wisdom of God’s Word to your personal situation.


Now that you are prepared for change, it’s time to make a plan. Identify any hindrance and set clear limits. It’s time to take control.


Let’s say you’ve got your life back on track, the problem is you are not seeing the results as fast as you expected. Be patient and keep doing it no matter how difficult it is.